Ross Halfin On Tour With Metallica

Some interesting quotes from Ross Halfin’s tour diary about Lars Ulrich:

June 29
Don’t get back from the venue until 4am. I am in the land of Morpheus - my phone rings, ‘Oi, are we going out for a beverage?’ I look at my watch, it’s 5am. ‘No Lars, we are not!’ How does he do it…
Wake up to a sunny warm Lisbon. Off to Bilbao later with the Danish prince.

June 28
I’m dying today. Writing this at 6pm and all I want to do is throw up. In fact I’ve been throwing up all day… Went out with Lars last night and destroyed Lisbon - or rather Lars destroyed me. Jesus, I drank (like a moron) red wine, gin, and rum… Ended up in Lars’ room until 8am listening to NWOBHM on his ipod. Saxon, Blitzkriez, Weapon and other “toe-tapping favourites” as Lars calls them.
Fuck, he’s just been to my room and looks refreshed. God I’m sorry, please let me feel better - and he’s reminded me we were playing Crazy Horses by the Osmond’s over and over…
Well I have to admit it was strange seeing Metallica live. Certain things they still do the same and I found myself knowing when they were going to do them. Disposable Heroes, 4 Horseman, and Whiplash (they played it in soundcheck the day before) were great. Am I Evil was rubbish by Diamond Head and rubbish by them - what a tedious song… “Am I evil, yes I am” Maybe it’s the hangover. I will begrudgingly admit I had a good time…

This is Crazy Horses by The Osmonds:

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