Metallica in Norway: James shopping with family, Kirk drinking in a pub

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Metallica arrived in Bergen, Norway on Monday (14th July). They stay in SAS-Hotel and have booked the whole 5th floor. The sold-out show is on Wednesday.

James Hetfield went shopping in “Bryggen” street with his wife Francesca and children Cali, Castor and Marcella. “I just want to spend time with my family today. Can you recommend a good restaurant? Something with sea-food?” James asked. The family of five, ended eating in restaurant “Steakers”.

James Hetfield of Metallica shopping with wife and children

Kirk Hammett ended drinking Guinness beer together with him bodyguard in a pub called “Scruffy Murphys”. “It is beautiful here. The rain doesn’t bother me. Everything is perfect.” Kirk declined an interview saying “I haven’t slept for 14 hours. I have jetlag and today I just want to relax”. Kirk also had a camera with him and took pictures of some sightseeing spots.

Kirk Hammett of Metallica drinking Guinness beer in a pub

Source: http://www.ba.no

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