Metallica The Box Magnetic Death In A Coffin Box Set

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You can now buy Metallica’s The Box Magnetic (Death In A Coffin) special limited edition box set. The release date of the Metallica box set is 16th September 2008.

Metallica’s The Box Magnetic (Death In A Coffin) includes:

Metallica Death In A Coffin Limited Edition Box Set

- The Death Magnetic album CD heavyweight card case with special dye cut
- CD with demos of the 10 songs from Metallica’s Death Magnetic album
- DVD of new unseen “making of” footage from recording of Metallica’s Death Magnetic
- An exclusive designed Death Magnetic t-shirt on in this box set
- Metallica Death Magnetic Flag
- Metallica Death Magnetic Guitar Pick Card
- Fold-out coffin-shaped poster featuring photos of each band member
- Metallica collector’s credit card with the exclusive free download of live show

All packaged in a white Death Magnetic coffin box pictured below.

Metallica Death In A Coffin Box Set

The Death In A Coffin box has been sold out in the Amazon USA store but can still be bought from the Amazon UK store. At price of 77 British Pounds (130 US Dollars) it is much cheaper than the copies you can get at Ebay. Buy the Death In A Coffin Box here now!

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5 Responses to “Metallica The Box Magnetic Death In A Coffin Box Set”

  1. 1 Mike McCloy Sep 29th, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    I have been searching for the coffin box, but it seems to be more rare than a diet plan that oprah can stick too. All the music stores i have visited have never even heard of the coffin box. And I don’t want to buy one from one of those gougeing web sites. Does anyone know if there is an exclusive dealer?


    metmarko Reply:

    @Mike McCloy, Amazon UK still sells the box set. Check out here!


    Mike McCloy Reply:

    @metmarko, TY…how are the prices?


    metmarko Reply:

    @Mike McCloy, All the details are on the Amazon UK site, click for it here.


    chris bamber Reply:

    @Mike McCloy,

    hello there, if you are interested i have a couple of brand new unopened ones for sale i my u.k. shop??

    if you would like one please contact me via email, [email protected]



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