Metallica’s Guests Lamb Of God Banned By The Church

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The owners of the Los Angeles Forum have a little issue with Lamb of God, so unfortunately they will not be joining Metallica for the two shows at the Forum on December 17 and 18 on the World Magnetic Tour in support of the new Metallica album Death Magnetic.

Lamb of God is banned because of a decision by the Faithful Central Bible Church who own the venue, the Forum. The controversy between Lamb of God and the Los Angeles forum goes back to 2005. The Faithful Central Bible Church decided to ban the band because of their name.

Marc Little, chief operating officer for the Faithful Central Bible Church’s business dealings, stated: “This is a building that is owned by a church, and we are sensitive to our congregation and to our obvious religious beliefs. At the same time, we have to balance that with being a business. This is a band that was formerly known as Burn The Priest, so it’s a fair assumption that some of the stuff they are singing may be antithetical to our beliefs.”

In response drummer Chris Adler said: “The ’situation’ in LA can only be described as ridiculous. It’s already been a huge waste of energy trying to turn this around. The powers that be aren’t interested budging - or doing their research apparently - and we’ve never been a band to placate anyone to get our way, smooth things over or make anyone feel better. They have made it
clear that they don’t want us because of our name, our show and our crowd.”

“We used to be called Burn the Priest. We changed our name, because we didn’t want to be lumped as just a generic satanic metal band, because we don’t sing about the devil or anything. The name is pretty harsh. We didn’t feel the name represented what we were about, so we changed it. The people that own the Forum are a large church. Some of their congregates, I suppose, were not too fond of our former moniker. They own the place, so it’s their right not to have us there. But I think they’re being very close-minded and small-minded. They obviously haven’t done any research. They don’t know what we’re about. That’s their deal.”

That’s the bad news, the good news is that Machine Head are rushing back to the States from Europe to step in on those two special Metallica concert nights. And of course no World Magnetic show would be complete without The Sword kicking the concert off, so they’ll be there too.

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