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Metallica & Philosophy

New Metallica book has been released.

“The most elucidative dissertation on Metallica ever written. And a kick-ass read to boot!!!” Scott Ian, guitarist for Anthrax

“Metallica and Philosophy is, at long last, the book which finally gives everyone’s favorite headbangers due credit for being intelligent, questioning, and even cerebral.” Joel McIver, author of Justice for All: The Truth About Metallica

Free chapter previews are available here:

Chapter 4 - Through the Mist and the Madness: Metallica’s Message of Nonconformity, Individuality, and Truth
Chapter 7 - Metallica, Nietzsche, and Marx: The Immorality of Morality
Chapter 8 - Metallica’s Existential Freedom: From We to I and Back Again


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