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Metallica: The Ultimate Rock Monsters Tell All

British Q Magazine has a Metallica coverstory in this months issue. Here are some highlights. Check out the magazine for the full Metallica article.

- Kirk Hammett admits using hair-loss treatment Rogaine for the last 17 years. “If I didn’t do it, I’d look like Michael Stipe”.

- The entry under “plans” in James Hetfield’s high school yearbook read: “Play music, get rich”.

- Lars Ulrich joked that “…and Justice for All” was originally going to be called “Wild Chicks and Fast Cars and Lots of Drugs”.

- Lars said that there was “an awful lot of drugs around” and that he and Kirk were doing drugs “a lot and often”.

- James said: “I did not like being around them when they were on that stuff. I resented the closeness that they had through their drug use”.

- James often tagged along when they went to take drugs, simply to feel included. Continue reading ‘Metallica: The Ultimate Rock Monsters Tell All’


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