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Robert Trujillo on the new album

Rob has given interview in Greek RockHard magazine and some interesting points are:

- They are working on 14 songs.
- All backing tracks have been recorded.
- The two new songs from 2006 tour are not on the album.
- Some parts of the 2006 tour new songs will be in other songs on the album.
- Guitar solos are back.
- Album sounds dynamic, heavy and groovin’.
- Dynamics of Master Of Puppets and melodies of The Black Album.
- It is not “Master Of Puppets 2″.
- The band thinking of playing entire Master Of Puppets album on tour this year again.

Lets hope this last point will not be true. Last year it was Master Of Puppets album anniversary and a great way to support one of the best Metallica albums. This year it wouldn’t be so exclusive and special.

New song #1:

New song #2:


Kirk Hammett on the new album

Kirk Hammett did an interview with Austrian magazine and this is the transcript: We are looking forward to Metallicas “Sick Of The Studio ‘07” tour. Has the itching in your fingers started, yet?

Kirk Hammett: Oh yeah, summertime is always a good time to get out and do some shows. It’s the time of the festivals and the wheater is nice and warm, everyone’s in a good mood. It’s really fun for us and really convenient to go out and do some shows in the summer. It isn’t so much that we’re sick of the studio as it is, we just wanna go out and play and have some fun. And not lose touch of what we are, being a live band. It seems we were in the studio for the last two years. Althoug we did play some shows last year, but it still seems like we’ve been in the studio forever. So it’s kind of a withdrawal symptom…

Kirk Hammett: Yes, exactly. We need treatment! I got the pleasure to see the show of yours on last years Novarock Festival. The one were you had Lemmy Kilmister and that guy from Alice in Chains on stage…

Kirk Hammett: Yeah, I remember. That was fun… Continue reading ‘Kirk Hammett on the new album’


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