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Couple of changes for the second night show. New Blue Oyster Cult cover and The Unforgiven instead of Turn The Page. Here is the full setlist:

I Just Want To Celebrate (Rare Earth)
Please Don’t Judas Me (Nazareth)
Veteran Of Psychic Wars (Blue Oyster Cult)
Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits)
Disposable Heroes
All Within My Hands
The Unforgiven
Nothing Else Matters

And here is the video clip of the new cover:

Metallica Surprises at the Bridge Benefit Show /blog/2007/10/28/metallica-surprises-as-the-bridge-benefit-show/ /blog/2007/10/28/metallica-surprises-as-the-bridge-benefit-show/#comments Sun, 28 Oct 2007 11:03:41 +0000 admin /blog/2007/10/28/metallica-surprises-as-the-bridge-benefit-show/

Very unexpected setlist from Metallica last night. 4 new cover songs, 1 never played live original, 1 heavy favorite and 2 acoustic ballads. This is the complete setlist:

I Just Want To Celebrate (Rare Earth)
Please Don’t Judas Me (Nazareth)
Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage)
Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits)
Disposable Heroes
All Within My Hands
Turn The Page
Nothing Else Matters

Here are the highlights of the night:

Only Happy When It Rains:

Brothers In Arms:

Robb Flynn of Machine Head on Metallica /blog/2007/10/25/robb-flynn-of-machine-head-on-metallica/ /blog/2007/10/25/robb-flynn-of-machine-head-on-metallica/#comments Thu, 25 Oct 2007 21:22:42 +0000 admin /blog/2007/10/25/robb-flynn-of-machine-head-on-metallica/

Robb Flynn of Machine Head updated his diary with these words on Metallica and Lars especially:

Metallica at Wembley Stadium. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!?!?!? Such an honor. Handpicked. Last minute. To be honest, we thought it might be a bit rough just because we were thrown on so late in the game, our fans might not know about it in time, etc. But oh my god dude. Let me preface this and start by saying that, straight up, the first 3 songs were literally the sloppiest we’d played on the entire Blackening run. Jesus?! Guitar cutting out, broken strings, tech hands me my guitar wildly out of tune, Phil’s wireless goes out… it was like, NOW?! Were gonna have all these problems NOW??!! Christ al-fuckin’-mighty! But you know what…it didn’t matter, the crowd went friggin’ APESHIT! The circle pit for Imperium (which Monte Conner says is the new Davidian) was… just… oh my fuckin’ GOD! We FINALLY pulled it together for Halo and Davidian, and from Halo on…the world just fell into place…everything got easy. Didn’t know it at the time but Hetfield watched us… from Halo on… whew! Check out that Imperium pit here.

Mastodon ruled, as always. But Metallica, man, Metallica… dude… untouchable that night. I’ve seen a couple bad shows from them recently, but man, they walked on fucking water that night. What a vibe. Setlist: Impeccable. Between-song banter: Hysterical. The crowd sing-a-long to the “la-da-da-da” part, from the lone post-Black-album song they played (Memory Remains)… it went on for 2 minutes after the song ended… goose bumps man… fucking… goose bumps. Hetfield hung in the dressing room, told us he’s rockin’ to The Blackening, “there’s some epic shit on there”… my brain pretty much imploded at that point… smoke out of the ears and everything… full-on frizzle fry.

The afterparty was drunken insanity, I gave and received no less than 17 skull bites to Brent from Mastodon, but the highlight of it all, was hanging out with Lars after the afterparty, drinking a small ocean’s worth of booze and picking his brain about every detail of the thrash era that I thought I knew about or wanted to know about. With Adam, and a small pow-wow of people, him and I held court for nearly an hour talking about everything from the years he followed Diamond Head around (he was in the rehearsal studio with them when they wrote Am I Evil), following Motorhead around, Dave Mustaine, Napster, Exodus, Baloff, Cliff, what their mindset was when writing MOP, who were their rivals at the time, the first time I saw them, what they thought of Slayer back then… dudes, I was in full-on Metallica history nerd/geek mode, and it RULED ’cause he was spilling all the dirt. We raged on over to some fancy-schmancy hotel his friends were at, where, in between skull bites, WWE wrestling sessions and all of us flashing all of our penises at cars passing by, we talked the pros and cons of cocaine, while he fawned hopelessly over our publicity girl… it was c-r-a-z-y!

What a night!!!!!!!

Stumbled back to the hotel at 6AM, was on a plane by 11AM, and 12 hours later, I was changing diapers with my 2 kids who couldn’t really give 2 shits about what I just did. I wasn’t Robb Flynn of Machine Head anymore, I was just Dada, and Dada needed to “change my poopy pants”, and “take out the garbage”, and “go to the store ’cause we’re out of formula”… and so on, and so on, and so on.

Life has a way checking you. Yesterday I was supporting Metallica, today I’m changing a record 5 (five!) poopy diapers in 1 day.

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Gets “666″ Ass Tattoo /blog/2007/10/14/metallicas-kirk-hammett-gets-666-ass-tattoo/ /blog/2007/10/14/metallicas-kirk-hammett-gets-666-ass-tattoo/#comments Sun, 14 Oct 2007 10:44:21 +0000 admin /blog/2007/10/14/metallicas-kirk-hammett-gets-666-ass-tattoo/

Ross Halfin updates on the Metallica: In the afternoon headed off to the valley to the ‘hood to shoot a bit of Metallica, the highlight being Kirk Hammet insisting I photograph 666 which he’d had tattooed on his bottom after drinking “Jack” with David Lee Roth. Kirk told me his hero, Scott Ian, has got the same on his bottom. ‘We did it together!’ He was extremely proud of this…

Video footage of tattoo artist Kat Von D, who’s talking about how she tattooed Kirk and Scott (around 6th minute in the video):

Randall Amplifiers & Kirk Hammett of Metallica /blog/2007/09/21/randall-amplifiers-kirk-hammett-of-metallica/ /blog/2007/09/21/randall-amplifiers-kirk-hammett-of-metallica/#comments Thu, 20 Sep 2007 23:07:45 +0000 admin /blog/2007/09/21/randall-amplifiers-kirk-hammett-of-metallica/

Randall Amplifiers, a division of US Music Corporation, has announced that they have joined forces with Kirk Hammett of Metallica. Hammett and Randall will be working together to design an extensive line of signature products that emulates the distinctive tones of Metallica’s legendary guitarist. The full line of Kirk Hammett amps, heads, combos and preamp modules will allow guitar players around the world, from beginners to professionals, to harness the sound he uses both in the studio and on tour.

“Old-school tones and new-school technology attracted me to the potential that Randall amps have to offer,” said guitarist Kirk Hammett. “These considerations are the answer to my continual quest for a well-rounded tonal palette and this flexibility also enables me to make modifications on the spot. I feel tonally emancipated.”

“Everyone at Randall Amplifiers is truly honored to work with Kirk Hammett,” said Doug Reynolds, Randall Division Manager. “His sound and playing style have inspired music fans for generations. With Kirk’s collaboration and our continued dedication to create innovative, in-your-face amps, guitarists everywhere will be blown away with his new line of signature products.”

Kirk Hammett is currently using Randall gear while recording Metallica’s ninth studio album, set to be released next year. The album is being produced by Rick Rubin and will be the bands’ first release since St. Anger in 2003.

Metallica’s Orion Covered on Jay Leno Show /blog/2007/09/10/metallicas-orion-covered-on-jay-leno-show/ /blog/2007/09/10/metallicas-orion-covered-on-jay-leno-show/#comments Mon, 10 Sep 2007 11:43:49 +0000 admin /blog/2007/09/10/metallicas-orion-covered-on-jay-leno-show/

Rodrigo y Gabriela covered Metallica’s Orion on Jay Leno show.

Metallica to play Bridge School acoustic shows /blog/2007/09/06/metallica-to-play-bridge-school-acoustic-shows/ /blog/2007/09/06/metallica-to-play-bridge-school-acoustic-shows/#comments Thu, 06 Sep 2007 12:24:50 +0000 admin /blog/2007/09/06/metallica-to-play-bridge-school-acoustic-shows/

Metallica will play two all-acoustic shows on October 27. and 28. 2007 as part of the annual Bridge School Benefit event held at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. Started by Neil and Peggy Young, the Bridge School is a non-profit organization assisting individuals with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities and is an internationally recognized leader in the education of children who use augmentative and alternative communication. The annual benefit concerts provide the majority of the funding for the school’s operation. 

Metallica also played at the event in 1997 and this was the setlist for both nights:

  • Low Man’s Lyric
  • Helpless
  • Tuesday’s Gone
  • Poor Twisted Me
  • Fade To Black
  • The Four Horsemen
  • Nothing Else Matters
  • Last Caress
  • This is the Low Man’s Lyric from the 1997 acoustic show:

    Metallica: The Ultimate Rock Monsters Tell All /blog/2007/07/12/metallica-the-ultimate-rock-monsters-tell-all/ /blog/2007/07/12/metallica-the-ultimate-rock-monsters-tell-all/#comments Thu, 12 Jul 2007 19:20:47 +0000 admin /blog/2007/07/12/metallica-the-ultimate-rock-monsters-tell-all/

    British Q Magazine has a Metallica coverstory in this months issue. Here are some highlights. Check out the magazine for the full Metallica article.

    - Kirk Hammett admits using hair-loss treatment Rogaine for the last 17 years. “If I didn’t do it, I’d look like Michael Stipe”.

    - The entry under “plans” in James Hetfield’s high school yearbook read: “Play music, get rich”.

    - Lars Ulrich joked that “…and Justice for All” was originally going to be called “Wild Chicks and Fast Cars and Lots of Drugs”.

    - Lars said that there was “an awful lot of drugs around” and that he and Kirk were doing drugs “a lot and often”.

    - James said: “I did not like being around them when they were on that stuff. I resented the closeness that they had through their drug use”.

    - James often tagged along when they went to take drugs, simply to feel included. (more…)

    Kirk Hammett Interview On The New Metallica Record /blog/2007/07/11/kirk-hammett-interview-on-the-new-metallica-record/ /blog/2007/07/11/kirk-hammett-interview-on-the-new-metallica-record/#comments Tue, 10 Jul 2007 22:26:15 +0000 admin /blog/2007/07/11/kirk-hammett-interview-on-the-new-metallica-record/

    Kirk Hammett was interview today before the Oslo show for the VG-TV. The full interview can be seen here. This is the transript:

    VG-TV: Your sixth time playing here. How does it feel to be back?
    Kirk: Great, I mean.. I have some really great memories of playing at some really great shows in the indoor venue here in Oslo… and you know, Norway has always been really great to Metallica and very supportive. We always feel the need to always come back whenever we have the chance. For sure.

    VG-TV: The tour is called sick of the studio. But are you really sick of the studio? How`s the studio work going?
    Kirk: You know.. I would`nt say we`re sick of the studio. It`s more so that we needed..ah.. a name to call the tour.. and then it sounded pretty..ah..pretty..ah sarcastic and funny at the same time, so we just called it sick of the studio. But things are going really well at the studio. We`ve finished, for the most part, the drums and.. ah it`s moving quite well. We`re working with Rick Rubin which is definately different from working with Bob Rock. And.. ah , we`re putting down tracks for about 14 songs at the idea of maybe putting on the album maybe 9-10 and whatever.. it all depends on wether we pick the shorter songs or the longer songs or what, but I mean.. we have some pretty long songs so… we`ll see how it goes.

    VG-TV: What can the fans expect from the new album?
    Kirk: Well.. Its really hard and difficult to describe it this time… ah.. I would say, if I looked at it in terms of comparing it to our old material, it sits somewhere in between “…and Justice for All” and “The Black Album”. It`s like..ahh.. the missing link in between those two albums, because there`s alot of songs that are really progressive .. then alot of the songs have like a very melodic touch to them, like the black album did. And..ah.. Yes, there`s guitar solos all over the place..umm.. We didn`t record it at HQ this time, we`re recording it down in LA in a couple of different studios, and so the actual sound of the album is gonna be ..ahh.. different. Ah, but you know, its really early still to really give you that good description on how its gonna be.

    VG-TV: When you`re playing with the new bassist, Robert Trujillo, has been playing some funky stuff. How`s that influence the new songs on your new album?
    Kirk: You know Rob can break out the funk when he wants to, but he can break out the metal when he wants to too, and he has a sort of ..ah progressive aspect to his music. Umm, alot of the stuff that Rob writes, or has been writing for the band has been very progressive, and we`ve been like Yeah! That`s really really great, that brings the song a couple notches up in terms of .. ah, you know , just playing abillity and technic, so I mean, he has alot to offer to the band. Wide variaty of styles. He hasn`t got that funky though, yet - but he definately has it in him.

    VG-TV: Whats the inspiration of the new songs , and the new album?
    Kirk: I think we`re just more at peace with each other nowadays, and again - having Rob in the band makes it more exciting because its new blood and we`re kind of taking advantage of the fact that all of us are writing together, the four of us writing together as a group. As for St. Anger.. it was four of us writing, but Bob Rock was playing bass. It good to have like a full time bassplayer now, you know Rob being a full time guy, and having him onboard for the entire experience. Its really inspiring, just moving away from that whole St.Anger period, which was really really difficult for the three of us. And I`m glad to, its good to have all that behind us. We feel like the band we were in the 80ies, you know.

    Metallica Rocks The New Wembley Stadium /blog/2007/07/09/metallica-rocks-the-new-wembley-stadium/ /blog/2007/07/09/metallica-rocks-the-new-wembley-stadium/#comments Mon, 09 Jul 2007 12:09:49 +0000 admin /blog/2007/07/09/metallica-rocks-the-new-wembley-stadium/

    Metallica rocked the new Wembley stadium in London for two nights in a row. Saturday, the boys turned on the autopilot and played the Black Album hits for the Live Earth show. Sad But True, Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman were played, same set (different order) as the band did in 1992 for the Freddie Mercury tribute show.

    BBC reports some complaints about them cutting the Metallica set from the live broadcast.

    “Bad language by stars attracted 123 complaints - but more than three times that amount were unhappy about rock group Metallica’s set being cut short. Metallica were seen playing Sad But True and Nothing Else Matters. But BBC presenter Jonathan Ross interrupted their set to introduce a recording of Weather With You by Crowded House from Live Earth in Sydney in place of the Metallica song Enter Sandman. Some 413 people complained about the decision.”

    Sunday night Metallica headlined Wembley, playing the regular Sick Of The Studio set, with surprise being the inclusion of No Leaf Clover instead of Ride The Lightning.

    Here is Enter Sandman for those who missed it: